Artist Profile Sanjay Sable

Graceful long figures and big lively eyes charm you as you see the large colourful works of Sanjay Sable. His characters are known to us, Ganesha, Buddha, a quiet lady sitting by herself, mother adoring her child, a thinker f\deep in reminiscences, but his paintings show the same in a new light. With bright colours and prominent yet delicate lines, his paintings are as large as life and embark upon the mind of the viewer.


Born in 1974, in Osmanabad district of Maharashtra, Sable completed his art education from various colleges in Maharashtra including the acclaimed Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai and has done post-graduation in painting. Completing his education in flying colours, Sable joined the Chitrakala Mahavidyala, Nashik, as a faculty for painting in 2003 and has continued to inspire young aspiring artists for over a decade now. Since his college days to date, he continues to gain honours and accolades of highest order for his work.


Sable is a compulsive workaholic and paints incessantly for hours as much as possible. With great hand in sketching and immense control over the line, Sable renders graceful curvilinear forms with slender limbs and fingers, this can now be identified as his style. Sable show great mastery over mediums and works efficiently in oil, acrylic, pencils, pastels as well as watercolours. His application too is a characteristic of his oeuvre, with flat efficient colour planes to deft rapid lines, each enhancing the fluidity of his figures.


Sable body of works is largely figurative, his subjects mostly about love, compassion and inner sanctity of being. His paintings bring out many emotions, but in the end give the aesthetic pleasure of great contentment and peace.  His immense faith and affection towards the process of painting is evident in every patch of colour, each stroke of brush and reaches out to the viewer. As he himself aptly says, “My art is an arising, and the space between who I am and my canvas is an emotive zone nurtured and fostered as if by a loving mother. I see my renderings as essentially selfless expressions that are beyond the mundane, beyond the tangible. My expression as an artist, propelled by my intimate and evocative engagement with my feelings, is as natural as the unconditional love that a woman embodies.” 


His early works comprised of pondering men and women, which further developed into self-absorbed characters basking in their own world of glory, each one believing in their small existence as a complete whole. His subjects thus changed to women, who tend to hold the threads of the society together and are yet confined to their limited environment. His latest works have move towards the epitome of compassion and self-engagement, the Buddha. Sable has explored Buddha is his various moods, in the process of pursuing self-contentment to achieving complete inner peace. With soulful eyes, quiet demeanour and introspecting self, his depictions of Buddha emanate the teaching of the greatest men seen in human history.


Sable’s works are very evocative and free of self-attainment and autobiographical references. He seems like a sage that paints a penance, whose soul has already liberated itself from the bondages of mundane human living. His paintings thus have a unique glow of inner sanctity and gratify you with their simplicity of visual aesthetic and the layers of complexity when meditated upon.

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