Indxart Featured Artist  Raju Sutar

                              Raju Sutar is an exemplary name in the field of modern thinking in art. An active painter and thinker since more than three decades, Raju has carved his niche in the postmodern world of art.

Born in 1971 in Pune, Maharashtra, Sutar grew up to be a vivid child. A child prodigy, Raju Sutar drew visuals before he could read the meaning behind them. When in school, he surprised his teacher with the prowess in drawing and made a mark such that his taking the creative path became evident. He took his formal art education in the leading institute from Pune, Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, though he did not feel comfortable in the formal training. The library though took his fancy and became a second home, abode of great learning where he came across the artists and the art movements from all over the world. Since then, he has been a major think tank in his vicinity and moved beyond his regional boundaries to reach out to the larger aesthetics in Indian art. Sutar has a stronghold in history and a unique understanding of aesthetics that comes with assimilation of deep reading and of experience with it.



Sutar has been painting and exhibiting since three decades now and his genre has been process abstract paintings for a long time. Sutar has worked in all possible explorations of art commercially and has tried to locate a global understanding of human condition against the idea of regionality. His basic expression thus is in abstract, since in his own words, ‘the idea of painting being a painting itself in the case of abstract art rather than a painting ‘of’ something’ finds achord to his thinking. His paintings seem to be a direct picture of mind, irrespective of the visual outcome. He questions the idea of understanding with knowledge against sensual experience and experiments with the idea of pure experience thus pure expression in painting. He ponders over the impact of history and anticipation of the future. In his recent series thus, he attempts to capture the moment which is independent of histories of past and any apprehension of the future, thus painting the current moment. Aptly called the series ‘Now’ is about present which he believes is the true identity of an artist, or any individual.



                            His nudes too are thus the moments between the transition and are simply human studies devoid of eroticism. By no means are they dry, boring, in fact they are replete with rasa, but do not treat the woman as objectified.                  


Sutar’s works are refreshing take on the idea of painting, without breaking the barriers of medium, as he enjoys the play of colours and brush on canvas. Along with it he has ventured into curating experimental artworks like installations and performance. His recent venture can be seena s

a collateral of Kochi Biennale, called as ‘Thought is also matter’. We are proud to have represented Raju Sutar on Indxart.

Founder and core runner, Curator of the interesting platform, Sutar has been opening new facets of art and art activities to one and all. He currently lives and works from Pune, Maharashtra.


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