What do you buy when you buy art (part I)
Art has been regarded as a luxury or fancies of collectors, quite a few times objects of status quo since centuries. Fortunately the 21st century came with new ideas of lifestyle and art became more a part of people’s lives beyond museums and gallery spaces. Yet a large number of population may still regard purchasing art an unnecessary activity, a dead investment in the days of mutual funds or precious metal and stones. Why to buy art then? What do we really bring back when we purchase a piece of art? Does staying with a sculpture or a painting in the same room affect us in any way?
Let us understand these questions in a different perspective for once, and not look at the artwork as a mere commodity, but rather something that may give something to our mind(emotions). Since we come to senses and are aware of ‘ourselves’ we work towards the well being of our body and try utmost to gain knowledge that helps us survive to the best. Although we seldom work towards it, we all state that we want to be happy and satisfied in life. Satisfaction is a state of mind, an emotion for which we hardly take any special efforts. We are stressed to achieve emotional pleasure but always end up feeding our brain, our understanding. A work of art takes care of this void in our ‘minds’ and cater to our emotional needs. How exactly does this happen?
An artist expresses him/her self when in the zeal of creation, and in the process transfers energy (that differentiates us from dead) into the artwork. The emotions, this energy is part of artist's life and thus is always alive, capable of changing into active energy when in contact with the right source. Such energy is contained in other forms of art too, like music where one feels various emotions by merely the beats of instruments; not just once but over and over again! A part of the mind of an artist thus kept in your home is the energy of the artist that connects with you and thus can be experienced number of times. Significantly we do not need to understand the work of art that we possess or wish to possess, it needs to be experienced. Being in possession and association of a work of art is like being in contact with the energy of the universe, without really taking the pangs of penance. It is like basking in the winter sun, or like the drops of rain on your head, letting the wind rush through your hair or letting the waves of sea water run over your feet! Does any of this ever get old or boring? being with an artwork is experiencing all these. An artwork is capable of sustaining your mood, or changing it too. 
So when you buy art and live with it, you are in actuality buying the source of constant energy, you are buying ready experiences that can be enjoying over and over again; you are buying joy for the mind, without any stress over the head of being able to understand and analyse. When you buy art you are not bringing home a commodity that you consume, you are bringing home emotions, a part of someone's life and building your relationship with it. 
So friends, next time when you think of art, think of owning a piece of your own, form your experiences with it. You of course have to consider your budget, but before thinking of the 'price', remember the value that it brings to your life, do buy yourself an art!    

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